Jean Francois’ LIVE Stage Production

From large stage productions to intimate settings.

Whether your needs are a short signature presentation or a full entertainment program, Jean Francois Detaille will always deliver, charm and energize your attendees. Bursting with energy, touching motivational speeches with a witty sense of humor, Jean Francois is a multi-talented ultra faceted artist. A general session for a corporate meeting, an upscale gathering on a cruise? Leave it in the capable hands of Jean Francois Detaille to guarantee flawless entertainment tailored to suit your needs. An unforgettable experience!

The Art Of Celebration!

Each special occasion can be remembered by a special moment. Jean Francois’ Extreme Art is “the icing on the cake” to complete the perfect event. Jean Francois has been the entertainment of choice for many celebrations in the Social Event world and has immortalized the moment at T.Boone Pickens‘ 77th birthday party; at Nelson Mandela‘s 90th birthday party and, Jerry Jones‘ 70th birthday party. Jean Francois very first appearance of his career took him Belgium to paint John Paul the 2nd for his first inaugural European tour, his appearance resulted in multiple engagements for the high society of Europe, including Gianni VersaceYves St Laurent, Prince Charles and Princess DianaJuan Carlos of Spain, the Grimaldis of Monte Carlo, the Sultan of Brunei, King Bauduin the 1st, and the Sheiks of Kuwait and Dubai. These celebrated personalities were among the subjects painted by Jean Francois. Jean Francois has always kept the same integrity and flair to render the personality and spirit of his subjects. Jean Francois’ master strokes and showmanship took him around the world to celebrate art and life and make it a unique experience. Whatever Jean Francois creates, either an “al fresco painting” of your event while it is happening or a master portrait in an extreme art manner Jean Francois never fails to amaze your attendees and will make your event unmatched.