Life is about knowing what you want, not about knowing what you don’t want! Life is about seeing it all, feeling it all, and hearing it all in your head. Mostly it’s about taking what you imagine and taking the actions necessary to make it a reality. This way of seeing life is called success. It applies to our health, as well as, the personal, business, and spiritual side of life. It’s like when you paint a picture, you need to create a mental picture and translate it onto our blank canvas and give it life.

As Einstein used to say, “Imagination is more important than knowledge”, because it’s the source of all efforts and the beginning of everything.

I started the month of September like a tornado because I had envisioned it, planted the seeds and watered them, Las Vegas, NY, Dallas, LA, etc…painting my blank canvas at each event as I had pictured it figuratively and pejoratively. We are all about energies and emotions, we just have to know how to channel them and how to make our lives the masterpiece we envision.

I am out on the road offering exciting shows, and also my new baby, Extreme Mind Power, an exciting new presentation which will change your life. This is a combination of my skills as a performer, entertainer, artist and NLP specialist. As in my Extreme Art show, everything happens subliminally. It’s all entertainment, but also filled with elaborate techniques of hypnosis, Time Line Therapy (R), and Neuro Linguistic Programming. I guarantee it will tap into your unconscious mind and leave you changed. Learn to create your future and let go of what stops you from doing so, is the site, and the start of your new beginning.

Contact us and become a believer. Agents and speakers bureaus are welcome.

Jean Francois Detaille is the pioneer of performance art in Las Vegas and the corporate event industry, awarded of "Entertainer of the year" in the corporate industry as well in Las Vegas, Jean Francois is a creator and has been the choice of Corporate 500 companies meetings acting as a trainer, motivational speaker and Entertainer. His art has been sold worldwide to art connoisseurs.