Jean Francois Detaille the original “Speed painter” presents Extreme Art since 1978. The only Visual artist recipient of awards in the entertainment industry. Entertainer of the year 2000-2012. Las Vegas shows, Resort productions, Corporate and industrial shows. Motivational speaker, entertainer and comedian. Jean Francois brought his Art from the Academy des Beaux Arts to the most lavish stages in the World. Fortune 500 companies have feature Jean Francois Detaille Extreme Art for their opening and closing general sessions to inspire and energize their attendees. Jean Francois has performed his hour long show at gala, charities and after dinner entertainment worldwide. From Paris to NY, all the way to Dubai Jean Francois never stopped to mesmerize his audience with his many time imitated style, but never equalled.

Pavarotti by Jean Francois Detaille
Jean Francois Detaille Extreme Art in Rome, Creating an Extreme Portrait of Pavarotti

Jean Francois Detaille is the pioneer of performance art in Las Vegas and the corporate event industry, awarded of "Entertainer of the year" in the corporate industry as well in Las Vegas, Jean Francois is a creator and has been the choice of Corporate 500 companies meetings acting as a trainer, motivational speaker and Entertainer. His art has been sold worldwide to art connoisseurs.