Take a journey on the calm side.

Constantly evolving, developing and creating, Jean Francois Detaille introduces a fresh take on artistic expression. Offering an opportunity to discover the artist within, you will nurture your soul, the rejuvenating and healing process to reach true balance of the mind, body and spirit. Whether it’s on board a luxury cruise, a private yacht, an exotic remote escape or a corporate weekend at your favorite destination, Jean Francois will tailor an unforgettable experience to suit your needs and desires. This interactive art event will color not only your canvas, but also your love for life. With a French savoir faire, Jean Francois programs encompasses wine and cheese luncheons, island picnics, relaxing moments captured the way you see and embrace them. Focusing on the green earth, plants and life, while maintaining luxury, elegance, class and complete zen, each participant receives an exclusive art therapy experience. Jean Francois Detaille continues to mesmerize you with his skills as the evening falls and the stage production show unveils yet another aspect of this multi-talented artist. Guests gasp with admiration as he effortlessly creates yet another masterpiece.

Life is art, Art is life!

Programs Available For:

  • Luxury Cruises on Gauguin cruises
  • Exclusive Destinations
  • Tranquil Retreats
  • Corporate Getaways
  • Incentive Programs

Educational Material:

  • The Secrets of Painting your Future
  • Paint Your Vision
  • The Inner Artist
  • Motivational Art