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GRAFFITI LIVE & EXTREME graphixArtRockspart1-1

We all have witnessed graffiti in one way or another. Some is good some is bad. Like most forms of expression, graffiti has entered the realm of the art world. Artists such as Banksy even took his stencil art to modern art museums and we all have accepted it as part of our culture. Art on the spot, mostly done at night or away from eye witnesses, graffiti is still the “enfant terrible” of the art world. As the hip hop culture has entered main stream, so has graffiti. Louis Vuitton has even embraced it with a new line of luxury bags. Automobile companies have use graffiti to customize their latest models. Simply, today graffiti is everywhere. There is only one question remaining…did you ever witness a graffiti artist at work, the answer is probably: No! Why, because they probably would have run away if seen. Jean Francois has redefined the art of graffiti and has stretched its boundaries by bringing it to the corporate meeting arena safe and censured using environmentally friendly H2O aerosols, with his renowned art mastery and stage presence. If you think graffiti isn’t for you.…you probably should review the contents of your closet! Jean Francois will create modern renditions of your logo or any other subject…even the portrait of your CEO at lighting speed right before your very eyes to music… and, with his famous extreme art style! We would like to thank Conoco-Phillips for having the vision to include this unique art performance in their 2008 International Awards Ceremony. It is available for all types of events and venues.


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