Unforgettable Moments.

1. My dad sparking my desire to paint.

2. My mum for teaching me sophistication.

3. Meeting Salvador Dali in 1976

4. My art teacher Marcel Warrant for giving me the passion.

5. My drawing teacher of the Ecole des Beaux Arts for letting me paint famous Icons portraits on the walls.

6. My Beautiful home town of Namur which nurtured my individualism and appetite for culture.

7. Paris for opening my eyes on style and beauty.

8. Paint Michael Angelo in Florence 1978

9. Original performance painting: Paint King Beaudouin 1 at the Royal Palace in Brussels. 1978

10. Paint Lady Di in 1983.

11. Paint Prince Rainier, Monaco 1984

12. Paint Pope John Paul 1 in 1983.

13. Paint King Juan Carlos of Spain 1984

14. Paint and Performed my magic of art & illusion show on cruise lines. 1990-1993

15. Paint hundred of portraits traveling around the world 1994-1990.

16. Appeared on US Televisions painting giant paintings. Larry King, Today show, Sabado Gigante etc…

17. Paint hundred of Dreamscapes in demo around the US at Art Festivals.1993-1995

18. Paint the Mona Lisa at the Louvre Happening Art.

19. Madhattan NY NY in Las Vegas 1997-98

20. Jubillee Ballys 1999.

21. First American award in Atlanta, “Entertainer of the year” Event Solutions 2000

22. Jean Francois and the Las Vegas Philharmonic. 2010

23. Art Rocks 2011

24. Grand Opening ceremony of the 2008 Ryder Cup in Kentucky

25. Paint portrait of CEO and VP at Corporate and international events including:

26. Marlon Brando at Cannes Film Festival.

27. F1 Grand Prix 2002 Budapest, paint the portrait of Fernando Alonzo and Giancarlo Fisichella of Team Spirit.

28. Paint Lance Armstrong of Team Discovery on the Champs Elysees, in Paris 2006.

29. Michael Gorbachev, Hillary Clinton, Mitt Romney, Ronald Reagan, Rosa Parks, Marvin Schwann, Willis Carrier, Bill Marriott, Conrad Hilton, Dave Thomas, T. Boone Pickens. Jerry Jones, Nelson Mandela, Greg Norman, Tiger Wood, Chi Chi Rodrigues, Edouard Michelin, the Royal family of Bahrain, Sheik Maktoum of Dubai, Sheik Al Jaber Al Salah of Kuwait, Shimon Perez and more.