What the industry people say…

“You are amazing” Jay Leno, The Tonight show.

“You are a man of amazing talent” Carolyn Goodman, Mayor of Las Vegas

“A work of art before your very eyes”. Kenneth Feld. Ceo Feld Entertainment.

“The Las Vegas  Picasso”, Pete Mikla, Show Biz magazine.

“You are truly a great person and have a great talent”. Brad Shaw, Producer, Concentric Communications.

Jean Francois is amazing and an absolute pleasure to work with! He is so creative and was able to seamlessly take our ideas and run with them – executing them flawlessly. He is innovative, vibrant and truly knows how to pump some energy into a crowd. I would recommend Jean Francois to anyone! – Carol, Executive Producer, ADM Productions

Jean Francois Detaille is a genius. His “extreme” art blended with his captivating personality and energetic showmanship are definitely a winning combination.
Joanne Downey, Las Vegas Celebrities.

Extreme Artist Jean Francois DETAILLE has been onboard the 14-day Marquesas cruise as part of our Enrichment Series onboard the luxury MS Paul Gauguin in French Polynesia.Jean Francois has held two feature evening performances with great success in our Grand Salon. He fast-painted famous persons, and the likes of Jean-Michel COUSTEAU and world champion free diver Herbert NITSCH (both were on the same cruise).His show is a highly entertaining blend of stand-up comedy, audience participation and incredible art created with great speed on huge canvasses. In addition to the feature shows Jean Francois gave hands-on lectures and taught guests how to make their own painting on a small canvas as a memory to take home with them. His lesson on how to paint with coffee and wine was a winner, as over forty guests participated and went home with their own masterpiece. Jean Francois is a fascinating and amicable person and spends a lot of his free time socializing with guests. He is the strongest performer we have to date, and proud to have him part of our Enrichment Series.

Jeanette Woldman. Director of port And Hotel Operations,  Gauguin Cruises.

Details of the Recommendation: “Jean is an absolute professional with a winning personality. His performances are fantastic but maybe more impressive are his level of motivation and energy. He’s a powerhouse! He owns the audience! And after watching him at work so many times, frankly, it does not get old. It’s a fun and engaging act which has evolved over the years. All around reliable man with a can-do attitude. He understands the business and does not play the diva card. You won’t be disappointed.” Martin Szymanski ADM Production NY. Manager, Scenic Chief

“Just heard from Carrier and they said you were terrific.” Steve Ruskin, Eagles talents

“Opportunity Village would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to the most exciting performer on the Las Vegas Strip”! Linda Smith (Ressource Development Director.)Las Vegas.

“When it comes to showtime, no one delivers more that Jean Francois”! Scott Washburn, Baskow and Associates, Las Vegas.

“Jean Francois exhibits masterful ability to draw his audience into his world and bring the canvas alive”. Marilu Murillo, Unique Entertainment, Las Vegas.

“The six appearance you did for our Japanese client was received with such exhuberence and excitement that it actually helped to cement our position for a return engagement”. Larry Shwartz, Extraordinary Events, LA

“Jean Francois creative genius, sensitivity, and attention to detail are phenomenal, and make him the perfect choice for “entertainer of the year” Steve Kemble, Steve Kemble Event Design.

“Whenever an event call for the Best Entertainment, I always put Jean Francois first on my list! Nicole Dobritch, Sandy Dobritch Enterprises, Las Vegas.

“Your passion for this business has led you this far and it is that passion that we applaud”! Jerry Edwards, National president NACE, Columbia, MD

“I always feel so proud of being able to present such an unique and impressive performance by Jean Francois”. Patricia Kho, President, JP Productions, Hong Kong

“Each time Jean Francois masterfuly create the power of art and never fail to succeed in “wowing” attendees”. Clare O’Boyle Director of entertainment, Jack Morton Worldwide.

“Rave reviews about your performance, you where awesome, and everybody love you”! Amie Buchanan, Washington speakers, Washington DC.

“Thank you for such a great experience-of course everybody love it”! Jan Jackson, Hartman pro Group.

“You were a real star at Brinker International Meeting, Your boundless energy, enthusiasm and showmanship where enjoyed by everyone”! Noman Brinker, Chairman and founder, Brinker international.

“Your talent is mesmerizing and bringing you to Kelownaa to show you off was a dream come true for me”! Lesley Spiegel Director, Synergy Events, Kewlona BC

“Event after event I’ve seen audience mesmerized and astounded by your amazing performances. There really no one who compare with your ability to captivate and charm an audience with both your art and with your energetic personnality, You really my “go-to”guy”! Steve Rutheford, President and Executive Producer, CreativeCommunication concepts, Atlanta.

“I wanted you to know that I have been doing this meeting for 7 years and this year’s opening presentation received the highest rating from attendees of any we’ve done” Rick Cornish, President, Flying Colors, Minneapolis.

“Your creativity and infectious energy continues to WOW our clients, Wall-Mart and Sam’s Club national meetings were certainly no exception. We are proud and truly honored to have you as our valued partner in creating successful events for our clients”. Jodi Glassman ADM Productions, NY

I take great pride in endorsing Jean Francois Detaille as entertainer of the year 2009.  Not simply because he is able to keep his audience riveted to his presentation, nor because the surprise factor in his delivery causes his audience to erupt with applause. Not even because he is witty, and uses pulsating music and captivating imagery to capture the imagination of his fans.  What I, and so many of the participants who saw Jean Francois in Barbados are impressed with is his ability to get the message to stick.  During our Customer service conference at the Barbados Hilton, JF successfully imparted to participants, the way to redefine their old visions and paint their own new canvas of excellence by looking at problems in new ways.  And what a fantastic way to demonstrate this learning but by doing it himself through art.   JF as he is lovingly known in the Caribbean has left an indelible mark on everyone who attended and those who heard about his performance.   We want him back, soon. Ken Corbie Managing Director
I’ve had the pleasure of knowing and working with Jean Francois for approximately ten years.  During that time, I’ve gotten to know him for his on-stage performances, all of which have been excellent, but also for his off-stage work.  He’s a great act – and what makes a great act is not just what he or she does on-stage, but it’s all of the off-stage stuff as well – being flexible, accommodating, no ego or attitude, and generally having a great can-do attitude.  I recommend Jean Francois every chance I get, and knowing he is nominated for Entertainer Of The Year makes me very happy – there’s no better Artist I can recommend for this warranted honor than Jean Francois.  Am happy to answer any questions or discuss him in greater detail. Mark Felix Director/Drury Entertainment Group Drury Design Dynamics, Inc.
I have a Theatrical Agency in Las Vegas, NV and for the past 35 years have been and continue to provide first class entertainment worldwide.
 I first met Jean Francois about 20 years ago and he presented his show to me. I have contracted many different types of shows but Jean Francois’ show is one of the most unique, professional and entertaining shows I have ever seen.
 I would strongly recommend his show to anyone who is seeking quality entertainment. Sandy Dobrich, President Sandy Dobrich Enterprises

“You went well above and beyond what we normally experience with any entertainers! Cefus Mc Rae  President and Senior Producer, Omega Media Group, Atlanta.

“As an Event producer, I can sometimes go over the top in coming up with new and crazy ideas, Jean Francois just say: ” ok, let see how I can make this work!” Looking the list of past winner of the “Entertainment of the Year” award, I can’t imagine that list being complete without the Inclusion of “Jean Francois’ Extreme Art.” Paul Creighton, CSEP, Executive Vice President, T. Skorman Productions. Orlando

You are one of the most powerful entertainer on the Las Vegas strip. Bud Pico, Event Manager, Las Vegas Experience.

 “Jean Francois always manages to inspire and entertain my most discerning clientele with his unique and meaningful performances” Many of Fortune Entertainment clients have been there, done that, and very hard to impress. Jean Francois never fails to amaze and thrill our most discriminating clients! I have seen Jean perform many, many times, and each time I marvel at his creative skills! A true one of a kind; a modern day Picasso! Thanks Jean for always delivering! Greg Fortune  Fortune Entertainment

Jean François is a multi-dimensional talent. His artistic abilities are without question, remarkable. However, it is how he engages his audience with energy and connection that makes him so special and so effective, regardless of the audience demographic. Even without dialogue, Jean François has the ability to communicate a concept, interaction and emotion, bringing his audience to its feet. He is also very flexible and a team player all the way. His paintings aren’t the only thing that are beautiful. As planners and producers, he makes us all look good. Leonard Neil. President Leonard Neil Production.

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