Jean Francois Detaille is the only EXTREME ARTIST  who creates Fine Art quality paintings in his performances, he is the only artist creating spontaneously, meanings that, not alike duplicators of this original  art form, whom are tracing their subject to be painted with a pencil on their canvas or paper before the performance. Jean Francois Detaille earned a Master Degree in Fine Art from the Famous “Ecole Nationale Des Beaux Arts de Paris”, which is the very first art school in the world. Jean Francois is the original creator of this type of art movement. Jean Francois created this type of performance in 1978 while getting inspired by street artist on the streets of Paris and recorded his first appearance on television in 1980. Jean Francois second appearance was at the inauguration tour of pope Jean Paul 2 in Louvain la Neuve, Belgium where he crashed the gathering to paint the portrait of the pope in less than a minutes before being interceped by the security.



Jean Francois appeared shortly after on Don Francisco UNIVISIONshow and this exposure

leaded to many engagements and a first running show in Las vegas, Madhattan at NY NY

Las Vegas, produced by Feld Entertainment in 1997-98.


Jean Francois is today the most vivid and spectacular performance painter with an

amazing range of routines, unlimited themes, but mostly a bigger than life showmanship..